Will There Be A Night Has Come Season 2?

The ending of #NightHasCome is still hanging on.

Will There Be A Night Has Come Season 2?
still cut drama Night Has Come (instagram.com/xplusu.series)

Korean drama Night Has Come finally reached the end of its airing with a total of 12 episodes. Raising the mafia guessing game as the main story, this drama also successfully made the audience curious with a myriad of mysteries.

Although it has aired the final episode, a new question arises, will this Night Has Come drakor continue into season 2? Curious? Check out the full story below.

Attention, the article below contains spoilers!

1. The ending of Night Has Come still feels very cliffhanger!

Choi Ye Bin in the drama Night Has Come (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

Airing in 12 episodes, the drama Night Has Come actually ended with a cliffhanger ending. Park Se Eun's parents (who became the brains of this game) ended up continuing the game even though at the end they found the winner. Lee Yoon Seo was also told to return to play in the mafia game controlled by Park Se Eun's parents.

This is marked by the return of the figure of Oh Jung Won who actually does not exist in the real world and is only an artificial character to replace Park Se Eun.

2. Potentially a second season

Oh Jung Won (Choi Ye Bin) and Lee Yoon Seo (Lee Jae In) in the drama Night Has Come (instagram.com/uplus_mobiletv)

With an ending that feels very hanging, the audience hopes that the drakor Night Has Come can come in season 2. On the other hand, the potential for this drama to be continued could arise because of Lee Yoon Seo's memory that has returned despite having to repeat the game.

The story in the second season could also be Yoon Seo's attempt to get the students to defeat Oh Jung Won and escape this mafia game. In addition, it is possible that the parents of class 11-3 students have also started looking for their children.

3. No confirmation from the production team yet

still cut drama Night Has Come (instagram.com/xplusu.series)

Although many theories have emerged for the second season, unfortunately the Night Has Come production team has not given definite news about the continuation of this drama into a new season. On the other hand, Kim Woo Seok who plays Kim Jun Hee also said in an interview that he himself was satisfied with the end of this drama.

"It may be a little disappointing from Jun Hee's point of view, but I'm personally satisfied with the ending. I think it contains a meaningful message that viewers should think about at least once," Kim Woo Seok said as reported by Osen on Wednesday (20/12/2023).

With it still unclear regarding whether or not Night Has Come season 2 exists, let's just wait for the good news!

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