10 Korean Couples that Dispatch Reveals Every New Year

Who will Dispatch spill in 2024?

Lee Seung Gi, Yoona, IU, and Lee Jong Suk (instagram.com/leeseunggi.official | instagram.com/yoona__lim | instagram.com/dlwlrma | instagram.com/jongsuk0206)

As one of the most popular South Korean media outlets, Dispatch has a unique tradition every year. Right on January 1, Dispatch often releases Korean celebrity couples who are secretly dating.

This unique tradition is anticipated by the public every new year. The following is a list of artist couples that have been released by Dispatch from year to year. Some got married, let's take a peek at the list below!

1. Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Hye Soo became the first Korean artist couple to be exposed by Dispatch in the new year 2010. However, the two broke up one year later

Yoo Hae Jin and Kim Hye Soo (kbizoom.com)

2. Two years later, Dispatch again released Rain and Kim Tae Hee as a new couple in 2013. The two were officially married in 2017

Rain and Kim Tae Hee (koreaboo.com)

3. Although they have now broken up, Lee Seung Gi and Yoona SNSD made netizens excited when they were revealed to be a couple by Dispatch in 2014.

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona (dispatch.co.kr)

4. The following year, Dispatch released Lee Jung Jae's relationship with the daughter of a Korean chaebol named Im Sae Ryung. The relationship between the two still continues until now

Lee Jung Jae and Im Sae Ryung (koreaboo.com)

5. Xiah Junsu and Hani EXID were also an idol couple released by Dispatch on January 1, 2016, although they broke up 9 months later.

Hani EXID and Junsu (soompi.com)

6. In 2018, Dispatch released G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon as a couple, but the news was denied by both agencies.

G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon (koreaboo.com)

7. In a major uproar, Dispatch revealed Kai EXO and Jennie BLACKPINK's relationship on January 1, 2019. Unfortunately, they broke up in the same month

Kai EXO and Jennie BLACKPINK (koreaboo.com)

8. Unlike Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, which received a warm welcome from the public when it was released on January 1, 2021.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin (koreaboo.com)

9. Dispatch also revealed the relationship between Hyomin ex T-ARA and footballer Hwang Ui Jo in 2021. Unfortunately, their relationship ended one year later

Hyomin T-ARA and footballer Hwang Ui Jo (koreaboo.com)

10. Making fans excited, Dispatch revealed IU and Lee Jong Suk's romance in early 2023. Until now, the couple is still going strong and getting a lot of support.

Lee Jong Suk and IU (koreaboo.com)

Already entering 2024, netizens are eagerly awaiting the latest Korean artist dating news from Dispatch. Who are the artist couples that will be revealed in 2024?

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